How it works

Get Paid To Recycle. Reduce Your Waste.


Collect Return & Earn Eligible Containers

Most ‘on the go’ containers – cans, bottles, cartons and juice boxes – that are in good condition, empty and have the label attached are included.


Fill Up Your Convert It Recycle Bag

We will give you a bag for collecting your Return & Earn eligible plastic containers. Our bags fit up to 100 containers at a time.


We Collect, You Get Paid

We’ll come collect your containers for anyone within our service area, giving you 10c per container minus a $4.00 service fee per bag. You will get paid directly into your connected bank account.

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We Service Schools and Businesses Too!

If you belong to a business that wants to play an active part in helping the Australian environment while making some extra money out of it, Convert It is perfect for you. We do a weekly pick up for all businesses and charge a monthly service fee.



Calculate Your Yearly Earnings

Find out how much you could be earning each year just by saving your elegible containers!

How many return and earn elegible containers do you use a year?
Your estimated yearly earnings
*Amount shown with service fee deducted
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